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Free swingers chatroom la

The Sappho Chronicles takes a new turn as mild mannered archeologist, Samantha Richards discovers that some questions are better left unasked and most importantly, unanswered. Sara, the Research Assistant to a major drug company, needed to find out what happened to the last set of test data. Soon her questions led her into a spiral where she was simply changed forever.

Take a ride to the kinky side with the good doctor as she discovers why girls have more fun with ... Sam is positive her sister, missing for several months, was kidnapped and is being held against her will.

Thirteen beautiful girls from a sorority house are chosen to take part in a special training that’ll turn then into the ‘faces of the company’—models, ‘spokesgirls’ and pets—for a good sum of money.

Blake’s always been a player, he doesn’t believe in love.Miracle Maiden is in search of her sparing partner, Night Sparrow, who’s been missing for months.Will the new lead she’s chasing bring her closer to finding out what happened or take her even farther astray from the truth?Soon Kila finds herself caught in a strange web of control and love as her mind starts playing tricks on her.The electronic age brought new tools for Modern Woman.

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The lovely young Shirlita becomes the plaything of the villainous Melanie.