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Use the navigation on the left or the preview to add/edit your business Profile Page information. It’s important that your customers can quickly and easily see who you are, what you do, and what sets you apart from your competitors, so try to use the words and phrases that potential customers will use when searching for a business like yours as you fill this out.All information in your Profile Pages will be used to match what you do with what customers are looking for within Yell and all major search engines. Many businesses use this section to throw a spotlight on a special offer or promotion.The Imagine, Expression 2, and Gypsy machines may require periodic firmware updates to add content and improve performance.Firmware updates for these machines is done through a web-based computer program called Cricut Sync.You can easily set yourself open 24hrs or closed by clicking the links below each days slider and if your open the same times most days its easy to duplicate a days time across the week by clicking repeat all week.We have provided some common presets at the top of the page that will automatically set up a weeks worth of opening hours that you can then adjust to your needs.

Adding more detail to your Yell online advert will help to enhance your online presence – it’s possible to update images, your location, opening information, special offers and even add a link to your company website if you have one.For best results, ensure that your computer does not enter "sleep" mode while updating your machine.For the Gypsy, you should update the firmware and support content, but the Cricut Imagine updates are completely optional, and unnecessary unless you also have a Cricut Imagine machine.Hints and Tips This is the home page within Edit My Business.It displays the information already held about your business and also prompts you to insert further information to help customers find you.

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If your machine will not complete the update to the latest firmware version, you might have to perform a "Forced Firmware Update".