Intj dating tips

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Intj dating tips

If you have a math problem, you can work on it until you’ve figured it out. Now, I’m not saying that I’m the smartest guy on the planet… And it always bothered the hell out of me that even though I was so good at figuring things out, I couldn’t figure WOMEN out.If you’re trying to fix something, you can keep working on it until it’s fixed. But the reality is that any guy can learn to handle and even MASTER his emotions (even fear)… Something tells me that you know what I’m talking about.You must learn to overcome this habit if you have it. Don’t know how to change the alternator on your car? I’ve heard this referred to as “Creative Avoidance”. not knowing that they’re SHOOTING THEMSELVES IN THE FOOT by doing it!What does a smart guy do when he runs into a problem… He looks for INFORMATION to help him solve the problem. Nod silently if you’ve ever figured out a creative way to avoid facing something in your life. NEWS JUST IN: Women don’t feel ATTRACTION for men who make them THINK. So what do most smart guys do when they first meet a woman? Get this: A monkey sitting at a typewriter will type the collected works of Shakespeare before you will make a woman feel ATTRACTION for you by engaging her in logical conversation.Ultimately, many smart guys come up with the following logical conclusion: I AM A SMART GUY, THEREFORE IF I CAN’T FIGURE OUT HOW TO BE SUCCESSFUL WITH WOMEN AND DATING, THEN THE PROBLEM MUST NOT BE SOLVABLE OR WORTH SOLVING. In short, many smart guys refuse to accept that a good, solid, workable answer could come from someone “dumber” than them, so they discount any idea that comes from an “obviously less intelligent person” before trying it.

It’s sound logic, but HORRIBLE thinking when it comes to the REAL WORLD… Because smart guys don’t UNDERSTAND women, and they don’t UNDERSTAND what it takes to be successful with women, they are working with bad figures. Using your mind to come up with all the reasons why things won’t work in this area of your life leads to ULTIMATE FAILURE. Just hop on the internet and search for how to eliminate it. You need to get out in the real world and try some stuff! Smart guys often use “more information” to distract them from TAKING ACTION. Smart men try to engage women in LOGICAL conversations and interactions because that’s where THEY feel comfortable…

On the other hand, if you start talking to a woman and you say “OK, so tell me something…

Why is it that all women say that they want sweet, nice guys… ” (and then make fun of any answer she gives) you’re having an EMOTIONAL conversation.

Q., or a caveman who lived a million years ago that had an I. but who has escaped from many, many dangerous situations with deadly animals… Excellent social skills are the foundation for good communication with other humans…

But now let me ask you: If you’d like to learn how to be more successful with women and dating, would you take advice from a guy who isn’t very intelligent, but who knows how to attract women? and if you don’t have good social skills, you dramatically lower your chances for success with women.

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