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We'll take a closer look at the databinding syntax in order to understand its various component parts.

Whilst the target for a binding must be a dependency property (which must be defined on a dependency object), the source can be either a dependency property or a CLR property.

Modifying the code for our example to use the WPF / Silverlight framework results in the following code: This is a big improvement on the previous 'manual' example where three separate event handlers were required to maintain synchronization between the model and the view.

Databinding allows us to declare how the model is connected to the view, with the databinding framework taking care of the mechanics.

In practice, unless you are creating your own controls, you will not need to create your own dependency properties.

Instead, you will be binding your model to the properties of the various UI elements that are supplied with the WPF / Silverlight frameworks, for example . Whilst dependency properties always notify the binding framework of any changes in value, CLR properties only notify of changes if the class which the belong to implements the event, for properties that your bind to your UI.

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Note that the first argument is the dependency property that is defined on Text Box and is public static.

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